The World has recently gone mad with the newly transformed Bryson De Chambeau body.

Bryson clearly didn’t waste his lockdown time – he used it to add over 30lb to his frame, all in an effort to smash the ball farther.

This makes sense, as there is a clear correlation between hitting the ball farther and scoring lower. All else being equal (same swing mechanics), adding 20 yards to your drives will have a significant effect on your strokes gained.

Imagine hitting it 40 yards farther (which Bryson is doing)! Not only are you closer to the target, but you also are hitting your irons longer, so that 160 yard shot is no longer a hard 8, but a smooth 9.

This has been clearly reflected in DeChambeau’s scores and results as of late – with the third lowest scoring average and being second in strokes gained off the tee (as of date of writing).

So how did he do it?


If you want to gain muscle, you are best served when you do resistance training. 

Training with weights sends a signal to the body to add muscle and improve strength, in order to cope with the new demands on the body. This increase in strength allows for improved power – resulting in more clubhead speed and longer drives.

There’s a reason why the World Long Drive champions are huge!

But weight training alone won’t add muscle – in fact, without proper nutrition it can actually cause muscle loss!

The Golden Rule

If you want to add mass and muscle, eating more calories than you burn is vital. 

With Bryson likely needing 2500 calories just to maintain his weight, when we add on the demands of training and golf, it’s likely that he would need close to 4000 calories simply to stay where he is. 

In order to gain muscle, we need to be in a caloric surplus. Eat too far beyond our maintenance calories and we will gain too much fat. Eat below our maintenance calories and we will not gain any muscle.

Finding that perfect balance is key, to optimize the fat to muscle gain ratio.

The Magic Macro

What we eat is also important.

When in a caloric surplus (eating more than we burn), if you increase your protein amounts, your body will gain more muscle and less fat for any given diet. 

Protein can come from sources like meat, fish, eggs, dairy etc – or even protein shakes (albeit not necessary when your diet is high quality). 

If you don’t eat enough protein, your muscle gains will be limited and all your hard work in the gym will be diminished. This is even true if you are trying to lean out (lose weight) – if your protein intake is not adequate, you will lose more muscle and less fat than desired.

Transform Yourself

Whether you are looking to copy Bryson and add 30lb of mass to your frame, or whether you would like to drop some pounds and get in shape, we at fuel4golf can help.

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