Increase Muscle

Find out how to add muscle and increase strength, helping you hit the ball farther

Lose Fat

Lose fat and get in shape. Find out how to achieve weight loss without sacrificing performance.

Perform Better

Take your game to the next level, improving concentration, energy levels and performance

You’ve covered every possible base when it comes to your golf. You have the best equipment, have taken lessons, read the books on mental game and have even started a fitness regimen.


But, what about your nutrition?


What if you didn’t tire at the end of a round? What if you made less strategic mistakes because your concentration and decision making were better? What if you weren’t carrying that extra 25lb around with you for 4/5 hours? How much better would you perform?


Quality nutrition is one of the most powerful, yet often overlooked, elements of golf performance. If you want to……


Build muscle

Hit the ball farther

Lose weight

Increase concentration on the course

Perform to your best for the full 18 holes

Improve recovery after a round of golf

Improve recovery after workouts

Improve health and immune system, so you never have to miss a tournament


…….we have a nutritional strategy that will suit your needs.


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